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Code Quality: The Open Source Perspective download
Code Quality: The Open Source Perspective download

Code Quality: The Open Source Perspective by Diomidis Spinellis

Code Quality: The Open Source Perspective

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Code Quality: The Open Source Perspective Diomidis Spinellis ebook
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional
Page: 608
Format: chm
ISBN: 0321166078, 9780321166074

Thus it is Students are a welcome addition to open-source projects, since they bring a fresh perspective—one that those already working in the project might miss. Most open source developers like to think about the quality of the software they build, but the quality of the documentation is often forgotten. In this article a Protecode marketing specialist discusses ensuring In order to keep up with customer demand and maximize quality, organizations today rely increasingly on code re-use. There's something called the Data Quality Act (DQA) which defines how government agencies must adhere to making data open, accessible and of high quality. Issues involving production quality, and adoption by both students and educators are perceived as major roadblocks for success. On the topic of open source code quality and bugs though, I think there are a few more important things to consider. If you report a bug to a proprietary vendor, they have to justify the fix from a business perspective. He is also the editor of the Effective Development Series from Addison Wesley. Diomidis Spinellis' first book, Code Reading, showed programmers how to understand and modify key functional properties of software. Open source is a collaborative software-development method that harnesses the power of peer review and transparency of process to develop code that is freely accessible. The tradeoff to write a book for free in open source . Open source The quality of the student's educational experience will be enhanced by learning from masters of the art. If we were to print those instructions on fanfold paper, the printout length would cover Many organizations around the world have successfully embraced these principles to deliver quality software on time and within budget. Amazingly, the size of Debian is 213 million lines of code. Nobody talks about how great a project's docs are, and yet documentation has a direct impact on your project's success. Meyers is world-famous as the author of Effective C++ and More Effective C++. On September 2006, a group of volunteers released a free operating system called Debian GNU/Linux. LinuxPlanet asked Diomidis Spinellis, the author of the book Code Quality: The Open Source Perspective, for tips on what system administrators can learn from programmers. For offline needs, the documentation for each module is embedded in the code itself, and when the module is installed on a user's system, local documentation is created as man pages. Open source is becoming necessary to remain innovative and competitive in today's technology market, but organizations that rely increasingly on code-reuse face risks associated with intellectual property uncertainty.

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